• Clean and green Australian Hatchery & Grow out Technology for low carbon foot print with high quality products.
  • Our existing hatchery technology can accommodate cold and warm water sea cucumber species.
  • Utilization of genetically improved stocks through our selective breeding programs for faster growth, disease resistance and better-quality products
  • State of the Art technology with rigorous biosecurity for disease-free hatchery and nursery culture system.
  • Investors, farmers, natural resource managers and consumers can immensely benefit from increased production, profitability and environmental sustainability with our clean technology.

Analysis, Planning and Strategies

  • Sea cucumber Aquaculture Project Planning and Design
  • Feasibility Analysis and Site Evaluation
  • Product Specification and Materials Information
  • Product Evaluation and Acquisition
  • Marketing studies and assistance with product marketing strategies

Design, Production and Management

  • Hatchery, Nursery and Grow out Design and Management
  • Development and Construction Supervision
  • Hatchery and Nursery Operation Management
  • Intensive Production Techniques
  • Personnel selection and Staff training
  • Project Start-up and Production Technology Transfer
  • Aquaculture facility management and evaluation
  • Processing facility design and management
  • Comprehensive health management plans


  • Thorough analysis based on Decades of experience in Sea Cucumber Aquaculture.
  • Reduce costs through Efficiency ensuring sustainability and profitability for the customer.
  • State-of-the-art Design and Management for Safe economically feasible product.