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Seacucumber Consultancy Pty. Ltd., (SCC) is an Australia based organization that provides holistic solutions harnessing adaptive seacucumber aquaculture business, sustainable fishery and environmental enhancement. Strong in the diversity and expertise of its distinguished services, backstopped with research and partnerships support capability where ever in need of, we progressively extend the breadth of our expertise from core conception to project development and operations. The provision of company service encompasses seacucumber aquaculture planning, feasibility, development & operations and sustainable management through green and clean innovative Australian Technology.

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Our Services
  • Aquaculture facility construction
  • Feasibility study
  • Management
  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Sea cucumber farm design and Engineering
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  • Technology Transfer
Aquaculture facility construction1 Feasibility study2 Management3 Pre-feasibility study4 Sea cucumber farm design and Engineering5 Technical advice, training and scientific back stopping6 Technology Transfer7
About Us

Dr. Beni Giraspy Daniel Azari Ph.D.

Principal Consultant

A commercial aquaculturist, currently working as the Principal consultant of Seacucumber Consultancy Pty. Ltd., Queensland. He is responsible for the development of Seacucumber Consultancy’s unique commercial production technologies for the commercially valuable sea cucumbers. He is a qualified commercial marine biologist with more than 18 years of experience in commercial sea cucumber aquaculture and research and development in Australia, Republic of Maldives, India, Middle East, Malaysia and Philippines.

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Business Sectors

Developing Well-planned and Well-Managed Sustainable Sea cucumber Aquaculture Business for Economic and Environmental Gains. Our Technology Ensures Aquaculture practices are Sustainable and Minimise the Business Risks.

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Seacucumber consultancy has the latest green and clean hatchery and Farming Technology for Economic and Environmental Sustainability.

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